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Hair Extension: Being Beautiful With Artificial Hair Volumes

Posted by Admin on June, 03, 2021

Hair extensions are artificial hair integration that adds length and volume to human hair. These hair extensions are fixed to the hairs of the user by means of clips or adhesive. Sometimes they are simply sewn to the natural hair using additional human hair or synthetic hairs. These hair extensions are primarily used for styling purpose. It lets the user add colour to her hair without damaging the real hair.

Hair extensions are different from wigs in some respect. Wigs are worn covering the total hair, whereas these extensions in bundles that are fixed among the natural hairs for giving a real look.

Types of Hair Extension

  • Premium Quality Hair: These extensions are most commonly available and quite popular. Premium quality hair extensions are sold in most of the beauty supply stores or even online. These hair extensions are further of subcategories like regular premium hair and tangle-free premium hair. The later variety is processed in an acid bath that minimises friction and therefore avoids getting tangled.
  • Synthetic Fibre: This hair extension does not possess any human hair; rather these are produced synthetically from various different materials. Synthetic hair extensions are not durable as human hairs. These extensions are available in weft form and single strands as well.
  • Human Hair: Human hair extensions are produced in three layers from keratin, which is a dead hard protein. The human hair extensions look real in every aspect and the integrity of the hair does not break in the method of collection.

Hair Extensions

Having long and voluminous hair without growing it of its own is not something impossible in recent times. Hair extensions provide a totally natural look even after adding artificial hairs. Hair extensions might be either synthetic or made of human hair. Synthetic hair extensions contain plastic components along with artificial keratin. Synthetic hair extensions are imitations of natural hair. Whereas human hair extensions are absolutely natural even being artificially added.

Human hairs are donated voluntarily by human beings which are repurposed into extensions and sold all over the world. There are grades of human hair extensions like, Malaysian, Brazilian and Indian. These three grades are the most popular human hairs with nice textures, demanded all over the world.

Human hair extensions come in a most natural state which can be styled applying heat straightening and curling. Colouring is also possible in human hair extensions. They are available in different graded textures like naturally straight, curly, wavy etc. Indian unprocessed natural curly bulk hair is quite popular in our country. Tight curls and tight ringlets right till the end is possible in human hair extension and available too.

Human hair provides the closest hair textures to the hair of the user than synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions mimic the appearance of the human hair but it lacks the texture of human hair very much. Though the synthetic hairs are much more shiny than human hair extensions.

Human hair extensions are much more costly than synthetic hair extensions. But the human hair extensions can be used in more versatile ways and provides a natural look. Human hairs extensions can also be styled in many ways, applied with heat and colours. Whereas synthetic hair extensions do not support these factors. Again, synthetic hair extensions are long lasting than human hair extensions.

The synthetic or human hair extensions might come with hair clips that allow attaching the extension to the hair. This is a temporary way of using these extensions used in a day out event. These are not appropriate and comfortable for sleeping in. Hair extensions with clips are the cheapest form of extensions and are very easy to apply.

Trade and Commerce

There are various companies that produce hair like accessories such as wigs, weaves and other different hair styling products. Synthetic hair extensions are artificially made by artificial keratin and some plastic components. But human hair extensions are made from the hair donated by several human beings. Most of the time these hairs are collected from Hindu temples where devotees sacrifice their hairs in honour of the Almighty.

This industry has prospered to a great extent and earns a profit at a rate of 10 to 30 per cent per year. India is one of the leading suppliers of human hair and therefore, they charge quite reasonably for their product. One can buy Indian unprocessed natural curly bulk hair at best price from any of the Indian companies.

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